Supplier Qualifications

Welcome to our Supplier Qualification page, this contains the information you require as a supplier to enable you to submit your company details to
Navigator for consideration. This page contains the following:

  • Supplier Qualification Questionnaire, this requests a range of information that we need to assess your business suitability. As part of this, we also require copies of certain business documents to be submitted such as insurance certificates, quality documents etc. If you do not attach these when you state you have them, you will not be able to submit your company data.
  • Group Procurement Confidentiality Agreement, we ask that you sign this document and attach it to your Qualification Questionnaire as part of your submission. If you have been asked to sign this independently of completing the Supplier Qualification Questionnaire then please return it to the requestor via email.
  • Supplier Code of Conduct, we do require you to sign this, please download this document, read its contents sign and return. If you do not feel that your company can meet the requirements contained in the Supplier Code of Conduct, then please do not submit a Supplier Qualification Questionnaire.

Please note, that completion of any documentation does not guarantee approval as a supplier, does not imply acceptance of any Supplier
Terms and Conditions or convey commitment on Navigator Terminals to offer any business award or commitment to purchase.

Supplier Qualification


Group Procurement
Confidentiality Agreement


Supplier Code
of Conduct