Supplier Qualification Questionnaire

As part of the Navigator Terminals commitment to our 6 risk pillars of Safety, Quality, Cost, Timely Performance, Innovation and Sustainability, all potential suppliers are to complete the required sections of this Qualification Questionnaire before working for Navigator, or providing a quotation to Navigator.

The review period for the Supplier Qualification record will also be dependent on that risk level as below, if the risk level for a supplier changes, their qualification document will be refreshed at that point.


  • High risk or cyber data risk – annually
  • Medium level risk – every two years
  • Low level risk – every three years

The document is split into the following sections:

Section 1 Company Details

Section 2 Financial & Insurance Info

Section 3 Certifications

Section 4 Sustainability Information

Section 5 References

Section 6 Cyber Security

Declration and signature (unsigned will be rejected)

Additional Information

  1. The focus is on expectation conformance rather than assessment (i.e. do you have all the right policies and procedures in place) except for Cyber Questions.
  2. IT will review and assess the responses to the cyber questions.
  3. Suppliers may be audited against their statements.
  4. The time to approve a new supplier is not reliant on assessment of the response but puts the onus on the supplier to provide all the required information to enable them to be set up.
  5. On-going reviews will focus on changes only, if the supplier states there are no changes, then they continue as approved. Suppliers may be audited against their statements.
  6. This process is for suppliers only, not for Contractors, Contractor approvals should be undertaken by their agency or by HR.
  7. References will be a one-time hit for the goods and services offered, if alternative goods and services are offered then new references will be required.