Our Procurement Approach

Our procurement processes are designed to be simple and efficient, with an increasing move to digitalisation.

Our process framework is built on six risk pillars and we will work closely with our supply chain to ensure that these risks are identified in all activities and actively managed. Our approach is to develop performance based relationships with our supply chain, where good performance incentivises contractual commitment, providing certainty and value to all parties. We also aim to be a good customer, through effective communication, management of the payment process and strong and consistent engagement across our business.

Navigator Terminals


By aligning our values to those of our suppliers, we will encourage long term partnerships that will create mutual value.


A business is only as good as its constituent parts and this includes its supply chain. At Navigator Terminals, we recognise the value of our supply chain and the innovation potential inherent within it.

To support the business strategy, we are seeking to build performance based relationships with our supply chain for the goods and services which maximise operational performance and efficiency. There is a focus on the development of national level relationships, but there are also many opportunities to develop suppliers who are local to our terminals in Teesside, Thurrock and Cardiff. Our supply chain is global in nature and goes beyond just our first tier suppliers, we have a keen interest in the sustainability of our supply chain, whether this be environmental or social sustainability, and we take steps to validate our supply chain is sustainable and secure.