Supplier Code of Conduct

Navigator Terminals Values, Service Principles, Policies and Procedures (hereinafter referred to as our ‘expectations’) underpin our Supplier Code of Conduct, including contractors, vendors, service providers and contingent labour (“suppliers”), their employees and suppliers. This Supplier Code of Conduct does not replace or substitutes applicable laws, nor do they amend prior contracted obligations.

We want our suppliers to strive for positive and pro-active Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance in their supply chain, and innovation and excellence in their delivery. As a Navigator Terminals supplier, we also expect you to commit to, and act in accordance with our expectations. We request that you communicate this Supplier Code of Conduct to your employees, sub-contracted suppliers and business partners who may provide goods or services to Navigator Terminals.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct is an integral part of the Supplier Qualification process, please download and sign the below PDF copy of our Supplier Code and return it along with the Supplier Questionnaire and Confidentiality Agreement.

NUK-PROCU-POL-0003 – Group Supplier Code of Conduct V3.0