Service Principles


Navigator Terminals UK vision is to be the best service company within the tank storage industry.

Our customers must experience a standardised and consistent service that sets an industry standard benchmark. Service needs to be a high priority to all employees.

“As a service oriented company, Navigator Terminals are committed to ensuring customer service excellence is integral throughout all departments within the company.”

Roy Brooke, CEO Navigator Terminals

Friendly Approach

Customer service starts with a smile and an optimistic outlook. A warm greeting should be the first thing all customers see and hear.
A smile can come through in your voice so make sure you are ready to be friendly when you pick up the phone.
At Navigator we promote a friendly environment, with a can do and will do approach, whilst communicating with both internal and external customers.

Listen Carefully

At Navigator we listen to our customers carefully, not only to the words that they say, but also the ideas they are trying to convey and the challenges they face.
This allows us to develop a much greater knowledge of the message whilst understanding any challenges and pain points that need to be resolved.
Feedback is encouraged to understand real customer experiences, identify areas of improvement at an early stage and to be able to take appropriate action to prevent recurrence.

Respond Efficiently

Navigator shall react purposefully and within an appropriate timescale to customer demands and changes in the marketplace.
Navigator employees take a proactive approach to solving issues; if we don’t have an answer to a customer query immediately, be honest but keep the customer informed.
Navigator will always acknowledge a query quickly, providing a suitable time frame for a further complex response or answer. Our aim at Navigator is to be as responsive as required and as efficient as possible.

Minimise Customer Effort

Navigator aims to create an effortless experience for all customers.
The effort a customer must exert to get an issue resolved, a request fulfilled, or a question answered should be done with ease in order to enhance the customer experience.
All employees at Navigator are aware of the service level expectations for customers and have the skills required to be able to perform the promised service dependably and accurately.

Customer Engagement

Customers are the heartbeat to Navigator businesses therefore developing a healthy relationship is crucial to business success. Employees are trained how to interact with customers and end-users.
Navigator strive to strengthen the connection with customers through adapting and evolving all communication channels. The ‘voice of the customer’ is to be encouraged through regular customer surveys to ensure a consistently exceptional customer experience.

Be Customer Focused

All employees are required to have the appropriate behaviour, attitude, knowledge and skills to deliver a high-quality customer service.
A basic premise of being able to improve our service delivery is to fully understand our customers with a can do and will do approach. We start with what the customer needs and we work backwards. We treat each customer as an individual and are aware that each customer will have significantly different priorities. The more we understand what is motivating our customers the better we are able to work together, adding value to both parties.

Navigator Service Principles.
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We acknowledge the risks that may be caused by our operations and safety is a key element underpinning all activities undertaken by Navigator Terminals.