Safety and Environment.


We fully acknowledge the responsibility placed upon us to operate and maintain our terminals in a safe and sustainable manner.

We also acknowledge that in today’s complex world this requires continuous effort from us all.

Every employee needs to understand the risks involved in our operations, be competent and responsible in their individual role and recognise the importance of safety to us all.  Our Safety Essentials provide a clear guide to help personnel on our sites understand the critical importance of key processes.


“Every person working at a Navigator Terminal should be able to go home at the end of their working day without having suffered or caused harm in any way.”

David McCulloch, Head of SHEQ



Our staff and terminals have been providing bulk liquid storage services, safely and responsibly for over 50 years. Our aim is to fully satisfy the expectations of stakeholders and the public, adhering to our core values and taking actions representative of an industry leader.  To help demonstrate this by external governance, Navigator has gained certification across all of our terminals to the very latest ISO management standards in Safety ISO 45001:2018; Environment ISO 14001:2015 and Quality ISO 9001:2015  – all of which have demonstration of leadership and continual improvement at their core.

The ability to respond safely and efficiently to changing demands, from our industry and society as a whole, is central to our long-term success.  As a service provider, we do not determine the type of products society requires, however, we can serve society by storing these products in the safest and most sustainable manner.  As the storage interface between supply and demand, our objective is to provide safe, efficient and sustainable bulk liquid storage and handling services for our customers.

Our ambition is to continue as a leader in our industry and remain a valuable link in our customers’ global sustainability aims. We aim to achieve this by:

  • Maintaining excellence in process safety and personal safety performance
  • Minimising our environmental impact
  • Training our staff with leading competence management systems
  • Sharing and learning from experiences
  • Being open and transparent with employees, customers and stakeholders
  • Always behaving as a responsible member of the communities in which we operate


Managing health and safety

Safety is a key priority in all operations and includes both personal and process safety.  This is demonstrated through Navigator’s commitment to certification to the new international occupational health and safety management system ISO 45001:2018, which demands demonstration of safety leadership and continuous improvement in safety performance.

All Navigator employees are challenged to be advocates for Safety.  We firmly believe that it is not the job of any one department, but the responsibility of every individual to have regard for the safety of one another.

We understand that lapses in Process Safety can have broad implications and severe consequences.  Therefore, Navigator ensures Process Safety is at the forefront of all operations.  A comprehensive Process Safety management system is used to identify and monitor key performance indicators, ensuring strong and robust reactions to weak signals.

All terminal staff are authorised and empowered to halt any operation that appears unsafe and are encouraged to ask questions if anything is uncertain or unclear.  This is an essential part of Navigator’s Safety Culture.

Nothing is too urgent that it cannot be done safely.

Our Safety Essentials.

It is expected that every individual working or visiting a Navigator Terminal is familiar with and applies these Safety Essentials.

Our Safety Essentials cover the following topics:

  • Product movement
  • Change Management
  • Permit to Work
  • Lock Out Tag Out
  • Confined Space entry
  • Work at Heights
  • Excavations
  • Motorised Vehicles
  • Lifting Operations
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By aligning our values to those of our customers, we will encourage long term partnerships that will create mutual value.