Responsible Consumption and Production

Focus area – Ensure sustainable consumption and production (Environmental management)

We all have a part to play in this and by focussing on the environmentally sound management of chemicals, waste minimisation, energy efficiency, utility and water usage we can contribute to the goal of living in harmony with nature and within the limits of what our planet can sustain. All waste will continue to be segregated and recycled wherever possible. Increased use of technology is to be used to help minimise business travel (driving in particular).

Calendar Year 2018 Calendar Year 2019 Calendar Year 2020 Calendar Year 2021 Financial Year 2022 Q4 Financial Year 23 FY24 Q1 FY24 Q2 FY24 Q3 FY24 Q4 31 Dec 2024 Target
Business mileage – car miles 191,000 217,600 30,543 38,863 20,355 133,560 35,617 75,050 170,000