Clean Water & Sanitation

Focus area – Improve water quality and increase water usage efficiency (Water treatment)

As an operator of terminals based on major water ways, we can contribute to improvements in water quality and reduce pollution by ensuring that we only discharge clean water back into the local environment. Strict management and stewardship of our systems and processes coupled with adherence to the permits we operate under all combine to minimise water usage and the effluent that we produce.

Our seal sands terminal does not discharge any effluent to the water system as all water is pumped via a pipeline directly to a water treatment works. All other terminals have on site effluent collection and treatment systems and only discharge clean water within strict environmentally permitted parameters. The Thames terminal has an abstraction licence and once used for plant integrity testing purposes the water is returned to the river cleaner than it was when it was extracted (reduced solids).

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MMO Notices – Marine pollution events 0 0 0 0 0
Water usage m3

General (boilers, bathrooms, tank cleaning)

Hydrotest (Seal Sands- only)




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