31st January 2020

Why Bulk Liquid Storage is Important

You may not realise the importance of bulk liquid storage providers, unless you need to use one. Navigator Terminals offer essential storage solutions for a wide range of substances, including the likes of crude, petroleum, chemical, bitumen, liquefied gas and biofuel products. We provide an essential interface between sea, road, rail and pipeline logistics. We do this using state-of-the-art petrol blending facilities and industry-leading road loading racks to deliver safe and efficient services. With more than 1.28 million cubic metres of storage capacity available at our terminals. So why is bulk liquid storage so important?

Storing Liquid at a Terminal

Bulk liquid storage has been described as “the intermediate accommodation for conservation of liquid products – i.e. products in large definite volumes but of no fixed shape.” Terminals provide a crucial role in the supply chain of bulk liquids, providing a storage solution between production and consumption of; crude, petroleum, chemical, bitumen, liquefied gas and biofuel products. These terminals are quite often pipeline connected to places such as chemical manufacturing facilities and gas processing plants. 


Here at Navigator Terminals, we have four strategically located terminals! Situated in major UK ports – Seal Sands, North Tees, Windmill and Thames – our customers are provided with a unique storage solution for crude, petroleum, chemical, bitumen, liquefied gas and biofuel. Each facility is an Upper Tier COMAH Site, which means we meet certain safety requirements.

Why Location is Key

When it comes to bulk liquid storage, location is highly important. Terminal locations need to be placed where they can meet the needs of both suppliers and customers.


Navigator Terminals Thames

Located on the River Thames with its proximity to the M25 bringing the fuel, chemicals and bitumen markets of the Home Counties, London and the Midlands within easy and cost-effective reach.


Navigator Terminals Seal Sands

Situated on the north bank of the River Tees and fully integrated within the UK’s largest chemical cluster and is connected by pipeline to the neighbouring Navigator Terminals North Tees.


Navigator Terminals North Tees

A road fuel and crude storage hub for the North East of the UK, deep water jetty and connection to the Ekofisk crude pipeline.


Navigator Terminals Windmill

Situated on the Bristol Channel just 8 miles from the M4 motorway it is fully integrated with the Barry chemical complex.


Commitments & Responsibilities 

With a network of hundreds of terminals, Europe provides around 30% of the world capacity for bulk liquid storage. Navigator Terminals is the largest bulk liquid terminal in the UK by throughput volume, with four terminals offering up 1.28 million cubic metres of storage capacity. As we store a vast range of products, there are several commitments and responsibilities that we pride ourselves on.


  • Health and safety
  • Being open and transparent with employees, customers and stakeholders
  • Having a focus on each customer’s own growth drivers
  • Our reliability
  • A team of easy people to deal with
  • Respecting our neighbours, the environment and the law


If you want to find out more about bulk liquid storage and how Navigator Terminals can help you, get in touch with our team.

With more than 200 years of operating experience in the sector, we have a well-trained and knowledgeable management team who are on hand to help you.