4th February 2020

Safety is Paramount when it comes to Chemical Storage 

At Navigator Terminals we pride ourselves on offering the highest priority and thorough service to the safety of our customers chemical storage. There is a commitment from Navigator to the continuous review of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) management, to ensure the best level of care and consideration in the way our terminals operate. 

We acknowledge that eliminating the risk that may be caused by our operations during storage in our terminals is a key element underpinning all activities undertaken by Navigator Terminals. 


SHEQ Competence 

Navigator Terminals appoint experienced suppliers and contractors that meet our professional standards for SHEQ competence for chemical and liquid storage. We continually monitor supplier activities, looking at their operational controls, management systems and actual SHEQ performance. 


Chemical Storage Issue Management

Where issues do arise, we have a protocol in place so to ensure that a formal investigation is conducted to identify the root causes and inform actions to rectify and prevent re­occurrence. Navigator Terminals have an internal expert team to coordinate and manage these issues, and to ensure closure of corrective actions. We also ensure that our Directors are engaged with safety at a practical level. 


Safety that goes Above and Beyond

When it comes to our customers chemical storage, we aim to go beyond statutory compliance and deliver industry standards of best practice. Safety of the products we store is an integral part of our business. At Navigator Terminals we operate safely, or we don’t operate at all. 


Want to know more about the precise Safety procedures that go into our chemical storage?

Find out more by reading our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy Statement