21st September 2021

Navigator Terminals Signed Strategic Partnership with 8 Rivers

  • US-Based 8 Rivers Capital seals collaboration agreement with UK based Navigator Terminals, the independent specialist terminal operator with over 1.28m cubic metres of UK storage capacity to explore opportunities to enter the market for carbon dioxide, hydrogen and ammonia, transport, storage and handling.
  • Navigator Terminals is playing a key role in preparing the UK to meet its Net Zero targets exploring the needs for new infrastructure to facilitate the transfer by ship of CO2 emissions and the handling of low carbon fuels. With attention now turning to accommodating increasing volumes of CO2 emissions both integrated and separate from pipeline networks.
  • 8 Rivers Capital, a leading clean energy and clean fuels technology developer acting through its UK group, is poised to play a key role in bringing forward the UK’s first carbon capture projects, including the Whitetail Clean Energy Net Zero power station in Teesside, as well as deployments of 8RH2, the 8 Rivers technology which produces clean hydrogen and ammonia with full carbon capture.

London, UK 17 September: 8 Rivers Capital LLC announces memorandum of understanding between subsidiary Zero Degrees Whitetail 1 Ltd and Navigator Terminals to explore potential collaboration across the storage and transport of chemicals, gases and liquids in the UK including CO2, hydrogen, and ammonia by ship. This comes in International Shipping Week as global attention turns the push for international shipping emissions to reach absolute zero by 2050, consideration must also focus on the ways in which the maritime sector can contribute towards a low carbon transition.

Under the terms of the agreement, the project team will explore the potential for Navigator Terminal’s existing and potential future network of storage assets across the UK to accommodate the growing demand for transport and storage of CO2, hydrogen, and ammonia as part of the wider growth of geological sequestration of carbon emissions. With outstanding supporting infrastructure, including a deep-water jetty and rail handling facilities, the Navigator Terminals facility at Teesside is fully integrated into the UK’s largest chemical cluster and can rapidly scale to support deep decarbonisation of these carbon intensive industries.

As the UK Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) progresses through its early stages of development, there is a growing demand for permanent geological storage for CO2 from emitters not co-located near to a suitable storage site. 8 Rivers is leading the development of the initial Net zero emissions power stations in the UK, such as Whitetail Clean Energy. In these projects, nearly all air emissions, including traditional pollutants and CO2 are eliminated and pipeline-quality CO2 is produced so that it can be captured and stored offshore. Produced hydrogen or CO2 or ammonia can then be transferred to a Navigator Terminals location before onward transfer by ship or pipeline to its destination, such as one of the UK carbon storage sites.

Cam Hosie, Chief Executive of 8 Rivers Capital, added of the project: “This partnership signals the latest step in our commitment to support the UK to develop world leading carbon capture capabilities through commercialising innovative power generation projects such as Whitetail Clean Energy, as well as innovative hydrogen technologies, ensuring that near all air emissions are eliminated and pipeline-quality CO2 is produced so that it can be captured and stored offshore, for Net Zero emissions. But once the CO2 is captured, we need to explore, understand, and deliver infrastructure to support these assets to successfully transfer, transport and store CO2 for transport to permanent storage locations. Navigator Terminals is a leading UK terminal operator and has recognised the significant potential of CO2, hydrogen, and ammonia transport in the coming decades.”

Jason Hornsby, Chief Executive Officer for Navigator Terminals said of the partnership: “We are the UK’s leading transport, storage and handling experts for chemicals, gas, biofuels, and fuels and operate a network of strategically located terminals. We are focused on supporting our regions to decarbonise and utilise the highest quality fuels and energy carriers, as part of supporting the UK to reach Net Zero we are adapting to the changing needs of our local industries. We recognise that in the coming decades there will be significant volumes of CO2 to be shipped for storage and this partnership with 8 Rivers forms the first step in understanding and then deploying the infrastructure needed to help the North East meet its decarbonisation goals, creating significant jobs and supply chain benefits in the process.”

ABOUT 8 RIVERS CAPITAL LLC: 8 Rivers Capital, LLC is a Durham, NC-based firm leading the invention and commercialization of sustainable, infrastructure-scale technologies for the global energy transition. 8 Rivers Capital is the inventor of the Allam-Fetvedt Cycle, a paradigm-changing Net Zero power solution.

8 Rivers is also focusing on developing and deploying technologies for clean hydrogen and ammonia (8RH2), direct air capture, retrofit carbon capture, sour gas sweetening, and other advanced energy systems. www.8Rivers.com

ABOUT NAVIGATOR TERMINALS: Navigator Terminals is an independent bulk liquid storage provider with over 1.28 million cubic metres (cbm) of storage capacity. Formed in 2016, Navigator operates four terminals, each strategically located in major UK ports and serving key demand centres within the UK. Across these locations we are able to offer our customer’s unique storage solutions for crude, petroleum, chemical, bitumen, liquefied gas and biofuel products. Our extensive knowledge and experience of handling such a wide range of specialist products shows our versatility in adapting to ever-changing markets. www.navigatorterminals.com