24th February 2022

Navigator Terminals are Broadening Their Existing Partnership!

Here at Navigator Terminals, we are an independent bulk liquid storage provider. With our four operating terminals being strategically placed in major UK ports, we felt it was best to broaden our existing partnership with regards to the storage of bitumen in the UK. This will be commencing in 2023 in order to provide greater customer satisfaction. This new agreement will surround existing and new assets such as ancillary equipment and new tanks, leading to a dramatic increase in the overall bitumen storage capacity in the Teesside area. Take a look at some of the things Total Energies Marketing UK have said:

‘Extending our relationship with Navigator, a key business partner, is a natural step. For TotalEnergies, this long-term commitment will allow us to create an additional supply point, expanding our footprint and complementing our existing positions. It will give us further flexibility and security in our supply chain. This move demonstrates our planning for the long term and our commitment to the market and to our clients.’

– Alex Grant, bitumen general manager at Total Energies.

‘We are the UK’s leading storage and handling experts for bitumen, chemicals, gas, biofuels, and fuels and operate a network of strategically located terminals. We are delighted to extend our existing partnership with TotalEnergies and to further increase our bitumen storage capacity within the UK. This partnership is in line with our strategy to outperform and grow opportunities from our existing portfolio of partners and provide innovative solutions.’

– Jason Hornsy, chief executive officer of Navigator Terminals.

In addition to this, we would love to add that we are all thrilled to be extending our existing partnership with Total Energies and are looking forward to the amazing opportunities it will bring. Thank you Total Energies, we look forward to continuing this fantastic journey with you!