Navigator Terminals gives the highest priority to safety, health, environment and quality. We seek continuous learning and improvement from both our internal experiences and that of the wider market, to ensure we operate in the most safe and efficient manner.

Without proper processes in place, the products we store for our customers can be extremely hazardous and our priority therefore is to ensure that in our business it is stored, moved and delivered in a safe manner.  We work with all our stakeholders, from supplier to customer, to identify and manage the risks associated with our collective activities.

All our UK facilities have been approved as upper tier COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) sites and comply fully with detailed regulations governing storing toxic, flammable and hazardous products. By conforming to these high standards and providing an industry leading technical and engineering expertise, we offer services to a wide spectrum of bulk liquid markets, including agri-chemicals, solvents, fuels, biofuels, plasticisers, monomers, liquified gases and base chemicals.

Managing health and safety in our business

We apply proactive Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) management controls to manage the way our terminals operate and the way we store products for our customers:

  • We appoint experienced suppliers and contractors that meet our professional standards for SHEQ competence.
  • We continually monitor supplier activities, looking at their operational controls, management systems and actual SHEQ performance.
  • Where issues do arise, we ensure that a formal investigation is conducted to identify the root causes and inform actions to rectify and prevent re­occurrence.
  • We have an internal expert team to coordinate and manage these issues, and to ensure closure of corrective actions.
  • We ensure that our Directors are engaged with safety at a practical level.
  • We aim to go beyond statutory compliance and deliver industry standards of best practice.

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy Statement